Announcements and Reservations


Puppy Arrival Announcements: 

  • We will announce the arrival of the litter on our website, we will advise which pups are available for selection (as the breeder we select 1st), the price of the pups, what the non refundable reservation fee is and the puppy collection date 

  • We will price our pups in line with market rates to ensure our pups are not being purchased for resale

Process to Note an Interest in a CameronCavs Puppy: 

  • Those interested in noting an interest in a puppy will complete a detailed Note of Interest form here on our website (only available when a litter is available)  and from those responses a shortlist will be created 

  • We will hold One to One discussions with those shortlisted and following those discussions a final list of potential owners will be identified

  • A non refundable reservation fee of 10% will then be due to reserve a puppy

  • Final balance will be due when puppy is 5 weeks old and the contract is signed

  • Successful reservation of the puppy will be confirmed by email and will include a copy of the contract & the puppy pack

  • Email will reiterate the price of the pup, final balance and date the final balance is due 

  • Email will reiterate anticipated collection date (puppy will be 8 weeks  (subject the vet approval)) 


  • All payments are made by Bank Transfer, we do not accept cash, debit cards, credit cards or Paypal

    • 10% total deposit to reserve a puppy which will be non-refundable at time of reservation

    • Final balance when the puppy is 5 weeks old

Kennel Club Endorsements:

  • All our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel litters are endorsed - endorsements will only be lifted IF: The pup is 18 months old AND the pup has a 'clinically unaffected' eye examination undertaken under the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme AND the pup has had a Veterinary Certificate of Heart Testing / Breed Scheme Test and either has no murmur or murmur is an innocent grade 1 or 2. Certificates will be required as proof of testing

CameronCavs Endorsements:

  • All our pups regardless of breed must not be rehomed or sold without first being discussed with CameronCavs 

(Updated Jan 2021)