Announcements and Reservations


Puppy Arrival Announcements: 

  • We don't announce the arrival of a litter, when we plan a litter we will open up a litter enquiry form for you to complete if you wish to be considered for a pup.  

Process for a CameronCavs Puppy: 

  • Those interested in securing a CameronCavs puppy will complete a questionnaire (only available when a litter is planned)   

  • We will call when a litter is confirmed to discuss the questionnaire and a puppy / adult dogs needs.

  • Following the discussions we will create a short list of potential owners to contact when a litter is born.

  • When the litter is born and you have selected a pup a non refundable reservation fee of 10% will be due to reserve a pup.

  • Successful reservations will be confirmed by email and will include a sample of the contract & the puppy pack. 

  • Final balance will be due when puppy is 5 weeks old and the contract has been signed.

  • Collection date will be subject the vet approval and only after the pup is 8 weeks old.


  • All payments are made by Bank Transfer, we do not accept cash, debit cards, credit cards or Paypal.

    • 10% total deposit to reserve a puppy which will be non-refundable at time of reservation.

    • Final balance when the puppy is 5 weeks old.

Kennel Club Endorsements:

  • All our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel litters are endorsed - endorsements will only be lifted IF: The pup is 18 months old AND the pup has a 'clinically unaffected' eye examination undertaken under the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme AND the pup has had a Veterinary Certificate of Heart Testing / Breed Scheme Test and either has no murmur or murmur is an innocent grade 1 or 2. Certificates will be required as proof of testing.

CameronCavs Endorsements:

  • All our pups regardless of breed must not be rehomed or sold without first being discussed with CameronCavs.

(Updated Aug 2021 to include new Litter Enquiry form)