Poor Toby has suffered with the hot weather as he has a fluffier coat than the girls so today he went for a haircut to last him until the winter and he feels happier already :)


We have both the girls booked in on the 23rd August for the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society Heart test.  We heart test all of our breeding stock as recommended by the Kennel Club and as we plan to breed both girls next season best to get this booke...


Thats Daisy up running and 'walking' on the lead outside in the big world.  She spent several minutes investigating some plants and a street sign, walked around in circles and wanted to go back home - might have been better if we didn't have the typi...


Daisy had her 10 week injection on Saturday so from the 28th July she will be allowed to walk along paths, to help her this week we have been strutting our stuff wearing our harness and lead around the garden, hopefully that will mean come Saturday t...


Daisy along with all of her siblings will be getting her 10 week injection today at the vets and another check over to make sure she's putting on weight and acting as we would expect a 10 week old to be.  

Expecting lots of cuddles from the team at Ve...


Great review in from Teddy's new family, he is settling in really well and sounds like he is well on the way for his house training badge :)


Update / review from Holly & Belle's new owners today and it sounds like the girls are settling in well and are carrying on with the good house training that we started them off on :)


Received our 1st review today from Charlies new family, feels good to know that we are heading in the right direction in supporting our puppies new families and they appreciate the commitment that we make to the girls and pups.


Now that 5 of Abi's May 2018 litter have left us to start a new life and adventure you may be wondering about puppy number 6!

We've decided that number 6 also known as Daisy will remain with us :) 

Daisy was the smallest of the pups and needed add...


The last of Abi's litter left today for his new home in England, Monty will have fun with his new mummy and daddy assuming he stays awake long enough as he does like a nice snooze :)

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