Eleena (Ellie Boo) has just had her 10 week visit to the vet and more injections, this means that she can now go for walks on public paths but still needs to avoid public pet areas like pet playgrounds until her 12 week injections THEN the world is h...


Today 6 became 1 when Bella's puppies all got collected to head off to new homes, Eleena (Ellie) is staying with us so wee Daisy won't lose all her playmates.  All owners very happy and full of smiles (and some tears).

Last breakfast together!

Giving m...


Successful trip to the vets yesterday for Bella's puppies, 1st car journey, 1st trip to the vets, injections and microchips (and a wee photo shoot with the vets4pets team) and the puppies took it in their stride.


Bella was through in Glasgow today to have her annual heart check with Anne.

Here at CameronCavs our girls are tested in association with the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society and in agreement with the RCVS before they are allowed to breed AND we cont...

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