Collection and Your Puppy Pet Health Check

CameronCavs puppies are collected at 8 weeks and after they have had a full health check with our vet, inoculations and microchip.

At CameronCavs we recommend that you take your puppy to your pre-selected vet no later than 5 days after collection to make arrangements for 10 & 12 week injections.


We also recommend that you don’t take the puppy to your pre-selected vet on the day of collection (unless you have serious concerns) as the puppy will be overwhelmed with the new experiences of meeting you & your family, travel and its new environment.   

Your first trip to the vet with your new puppy will likely include:

A thorough physical examination to determine their state of health, this will include checking for clear eyes, ears, heart murmurs, hernia’s, teeth, puppy weight and general wellbeing of your new puppy. A check for parasites, including fleas, ticks, lmites, and worms. The initial inoculation will have already been completed so the vet will discuss the various treatments your puppy will need, and when they’ll need them. 

Provide your vet with the vet card & microchip details that we have provided you with, your vet will keep a record of all of this information as it will provide a good health history for your puppy.


This initial health check will give your vet all the information they need to advise you on your puppy’s immediate dietary and care requirements. It will also enable them to establish a knowledge base, which will enable them to better evaluate, monitor, and manage your puppy’s health on all subsequent visits.

The very first check-up with you as a new owner is all-important because the vet would be able to set up a vaccination / worm / flea schedules for your puppy to ensure they are fully covered at all times.

Your vet may also offer packages relating to ongoing health care e.g. boosters and worm / flea treatment either for one off payments or monthly payment, this can work out cheaper than ‘paying as you go’ so chat to your vet around available options.

Your vet will always have permission to see your puppy records held at our local practise.

(updated Mar 2020)