Curly Coat (CC) and Dry Eye (DE)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 

Curly Coat and Dry Eye syndrome appears to be a problem unique to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and most dogs diagnosed with the condition are put to sleep.

Known scientifically as congenital keratoconjunctivitis sicca and ichtyosiform dermatosis, dry eye and curly coat syndrome affects a dog’s eyes and skin.


Affected dogs produce no tears making their eyes incredibly sore. Their skin becomes very flaky and dry, particularly around the foot, and this can make standing and walking difficult and painful.

Episodic Falling (EF)

Episodic Falling is a neurological condition brought on by exercise, excitement or frustration.  The dogs muscle tone increases rapidly and this means  that the dog cannot relax its muscles, the dog will become rigid and fall over. 

Affected dogs will usually start to display signs before they are one year old, with most having their first EF between 4-7 months old. Signs vary in severity going from occasional falling to freezing or seizure-like episodes lasting several hours. There is no standard pattern to the attacks. 

The disease is a recessive condition which means that a dog must inherit two copies of an abnormal gene (one from its mother and one from its father) before its health is affected. A dog that inherits only one copy of the abnormal gene will have no signs of the disease, but will be a carrier and may pass the gene on to any offspring.


2022: CameronCavs test for these conditions.