Ear Problems

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

 There are three main parts of the ear so symptoms will depend on which part of the ear is affected.

  • The external ear is the ear flap and canal which collect sounds 

  • The middle ear transmits sounds 

  • The inner ear is responsible for hearing and balance

Otitis Externa

Otitis externa is inflammation of the ear canal. It is common in spaniels potentially due to the shape of the ear.

This can also affect Miniature Poodles, though here at CameronCavs we only have Toy Poodles

Primary Secretory Otitis Media

Primary Secretory Otitis Media is the accumulations of fluid within the inner ear. This may be because of poor drainage associated with consequences of the brachycephalic head shape. The condition is reported to be common in Cavalier King Charles spaniels and can cause pain with pressure on the eardrum.

Both Otitis externa & media can cause discomfort, irritation and pain so it is important to check Cavalier ears on a regular basis and consult with your vet should you notice your dog scratching or rubbing its ears more often then normal or if the ear has become inflames or gives off a sour smell.

2022: No test currently available for this condition, pup ears are checked during their 8 week visit.