Equipment List Suggestions

This list is based on our experience of raising pups & dogs the following are suggested items that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Travel Equipment - dog carrier / crate, cushioned mat / bed, food, water and holder, car restraint, puppy training pads, kitchen roll & plastic bag (should we have any accidents).

Home Equipment -  puppy food (we use SmartBreeder) and treats (keep to a minimum, as a fat dog is an unhealthy dog),  indoor crate and cushioned mat / bed, puppy training pads, food and water bowls, grooming equipment &  toys, poop bags, pet wipes, puppy playpen.

Walking Equipment - collar / harness, leads (we prefer the extendable leads so pup can run around safely with a short neoprene lead for walking and a slip lead for quick trips to & from the car), ID tag for collar, poop bags - pick up the poop and dispose in pet bins, its kind to your wallet (no fine) and kind to everyone who walks where you walk! If you are wanting to play throw & catch DON'T use a stick, use a dog specific toy, so many dogs have ended up with surgery to remove a stick that is wedged in the throat! If its cold we recommend a puppy coat that's warm & waterproof.


(updated Sep 2020)