Lingually Displaced Canines (LDC)

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Toy Poodles

This condition is most often spotted at either the first or second puppy checks.  The deciduous or permanent lower canines occlude into the soft tissues of the roof or the side of the mouth causing discomfort.

At CameronCavs we get our Vets to assess every pup for LDC.  At 8 weeks the vet may see a slight impingement, at the 10-12 week appointment with your vet the vet may decide that the removal of the baby tooth is the best course of action to save potential impact on the pups adult teeth which come in weeks 23-26.  

Do not try ball therapy with deciduous (puppy) teeth. There are two main reasons for this, puppy teeth are fragile and can easily break. More importantly, the adult canine tooth bud is developing in the jaw medial to the deciduous canine tooth. If the deciduous crown tips outwards the root will tip inwards. This will push the permanent tooth bud further medial than it already is. Ball therapy will only work with adult teeth.

2022: CameronCavs test for this condition when the pup has their 8 week visit - Because of the importance we place on LDC If our or your vet recommends the removal of the baby tooth to protect the adult teeth then CameronCavs will cover the cost of this as long as completed pre the 20th week.