Maggie: Owner Gillian - "We picked Maggie up five weeks ago, and she has settled in really well.  As soon as we brought her home we felt very comfortable with her, and she was the same with us.  Norma and Gerry are clearly excellent breeders, and it was evident from our first contact with them the love and care their puppies receive.  They worked hard to make sure that both we and Maggie were ready for the move to her new home.  From the outset Maggie was more or less fully house trained, which is a testament to the efforts put in by Norma and Gerry with Maggie's early training.  Maggie has a very affectionate nature with some puppy devilment!  Even though it is only a few weeks it feels like Maggie has been with us forever.  She never fails to make us smile when we see her, and she has been a great wee addition to our family.  We are very grateful to Norma and Gerry for providing us with such a great wee dog, who has made such a huge difference already to our lives."


Jambo: Owner Rachael - "I just wanted to say a huge thank you!! We are absolutely loving having Jambo who is absolutely thriving at home and we cant imagine life without him  He is so good natured, happy and friendly.  Every person and dog we pass he makes us stop to say hello!!  Everyone is his best friends and i've yet to find anything that phases him!  All of that is down to the start that he had with you.  He was so well socialised when we got him its just been an absolute joy watching him build on his already well developed skills.  I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.  They are sure to be getting a very special member of their family from you, coming to them already loved and nurtured.  The communication from you before and after getting Jambo has been second to none and I always know where to turn if I were to have any queries or need a bit of advice, thanks again"


Millie: Owner Anne & Raymond - "From pregnancy to handover i cannot commend CameronCavs highly enough for their professionalism, devotion and love that they invest in their dogs and puppies.  As a result we have the most beautiful happy Cavapoo Millie.  Big thanks you to Norma and Gerry - CameronCavs are "Simply the Best". "


Herge: Owner Kathleen - "7 days ago we collected our 8 week old Cavapoo Puppy from Cameron Cavs, throughout the process of waiting to pick up Herge ( a long 8 weeks) , Norma and Gerry kept us constantly updated with pictures of him and his siblings and the Stunning Mother Abi, the updates where consistent and brought us all excitement to see Herge’ grow and progress in what can only be described as a perfect environment in this breeders home. We would like to thank you for a perfect, gorgeous , healthy, practically house trained little poppet , thank you , all your hours of hard work has produced a brilliant happy little puppy, thank you so much you are both amazing "


Flora: Owner Marion - "Since we knew Flora was coming to live with us Norma and Gerry have made everything so easy.  We had so many updates, photos and videos we really felt involved in her first weeks; it was so lovely to see her grow and the interactions with her mum and brothers as they started to develop.  It’s clear that Norma and Gerry’s dogs are very loved and part of their family and that the same care extends to the pups.  Flora is a happy confident little girl who settled really well when we brought her home and we are so grateful to Norma and Gerry for giving her such a great start in life.  They’ve been happy to give us advice and reassurance since then too which, for us as first timers, has been hugely helpful.  Fantastic breeders who have made it such a positive experience throughout and we can’t recommend them highly enough.  Thanks so much Norma and Gerry, Flora has brought us so much joy already and we can’t wait for the adventures to come! "


Cooper: Owner Leigh - "One week has passed since collecting Cooper and it’s been the most seamless, fun and loving week ever.  From the moment I found Cameron Cavs, I knew this was absolutely the right breeder.  The love, care and attention that Norma and Gerry put into their dogs and pups is phenomenal and absolutely shows in the pups nature.  I am so glad I waited on this breeder as the pre and post support has been second to none.  From the minute I was selected for Cooper, I received regular pictures, updates and support on any questions or advice to prepare for him coming home and also the ability to ask any questions now that he is home.  The advice Cameron Cavs provided throughout every step of the journey has been so incredible and meant Cooper has just settled straight in to life with me – I’ve not had one sleepless night!  The care and training he received before coming home, has made his transition completely hassle free.  He’s the most well natured loving and fun little fluff ball.  I could not recommend Cameron Cavs enough and I am so grateful I found them. "


Bonnie: Owner Jane - "CameronCavs has been nothing short of amazing from the moment we contacted her almost two years ago to when we picked up our beautiful Bonnie this week. The hard work, sheer professionalism and love that Norma and Gerry put into rearing their dogs and puppies is evident - their knowledge and experience is extensive and second to none. As a result, Bonnie is the most beautiful, calm, fun wee pup and such a great addition to our family. Even our cat seems to like her! Thank you CameronCavs - we will be recommending you to anyone who asks."


Scamp: Owner Brown - "We’ve had a fantastic service from CameronCavs throughout the whole process of getting our pup. First of all, the information shared when enquiring was incredibly helpful and informative. When we did make the decision to be put on the waiting list this was done without pressure and once confirming we wanted our pup we’ve been updated regularly.

When ‘Scamp’ was born we were given regular updates and pictures on how he was and how he was developing. We felt as though we already knew him before meeting him. Once home we wondered how he would be. Two weeks have now passed and we have not had one broken sleep, toilet training is going well, with some accidents to be expected, and we have a healthy happy pup that the family adore. The support since having him home has been first class as well."


Hugo: Owner Carla - "Cannot recommend Cameron Cavs enough. We brought Hugo home this week and he is the most beautiful, loving pup. The dedication and hard work from Norma and Gerry is evident in how well Hugo has settled in.

We received endless photo’s and videos on Hugo’s progress. Knowing that Cameron Cavs dogs are all health tested gave us full reassurance that our pup would have the best start in life. Norma has always been available to answer all our questions, even after bringing Hugo home. Thank you so much Cameron Cavs for completing our family with such a precious boy."


Roman: Owner Sharon - "We cant put into words how amazing Norma and Gerry are, from the very start they have been brilliant. We loved the fact that we were updated all the time and couldnt believe how many photo videos we got throughout Romans progress which made us feel part of him growing each week. Also there for advice when needed and answered all my questions and we had a lot being 1st time doggy owners. Roman is a very happy contented wee guy who settled very quickly and has become our daughters whole world We all cant thank CameronCavs enough for completing our little family"


Savannah: Owner Graeme & Sarah Clare - “Thank you so much Norma and Gerry for our absolutely beautiful pup Savannah , from the minute I contacted Norma and Gerry to be put on the waiting list right through to picking up Savannah they have been nothing short of amazing and extremely professional, the amount of time and effort they put into everything was nothing short of incredible, always happy to answer any questions and give advice , whether anyone is looking for a Cavalier or an F1 Cavapoo then there is simply no one better to get in touch with . They are KC Registered Breeders and it’s easy to see why . Thank you once more Norma and Gerry for giving us a lovely puppy but also for all the incredible work you did behind the scenes greatly appreciated. Graeme and Sarah Clare "


Honey: Owner Alan & Lyndsay - “We can’t thank Gerry and Norma at CameronCavs enough for giving our cavapoo, Honey, such a great start in life. The attention to detail, communication, advice and quality of care they provide their dogs and new pups is incredible. We’ve brought home a lovely, well-adjusted, very happy new puppy. We would highly recommend CameronCavs to anyone who is thinking about bringing a new pup into their lives."


Claude: Owner Louise & Mark - “My husband and I are first time dog owners and found CameronCavs via the KC website. From the moment I contacted CameronCavs , it was clear to me how organised, knowledgable and professional they were. However, more importantly, it was completely apparent that they are loving and responsible breeders who genuinely care about the welfare of the puppies they breed. 

The entire journey of my husband and I purchasing our pup was completely seamless and the website is outstanding with regard to navigation, information and communication. 

Cameroncavs kept us well informed on a weekly basis once our pup was born with regular photos (on a private section of their website and personal messages via whatsapp), weight charts and updates. Always available for advice and support, even after we took our little pup home. We are due to get our second pup later in the year and we know that it will be an exemplary service again. I have spoken to friends who have pedigrees of different breeds and they were bowled over by the quality of service from CameronCavs . 

Thank you Norma and we look forward to seeing you later this year!"


Pipkin: Owner The Grant Family - “We would highly recommend Cameroncavs after finding them on the Kennel Club Assured breeder site. Norma & Gerry are a lovely couple who provided excellent pre and post pick up knowledge and care. Always quick to respond to any questions we had along with weekly picture updates made it a wonderful experience as first time owners. Straight away Pipkin slept through the night, knew to go toilet outside and was unfazed by general household noises which is all down to his fantastic start in life.”


Amber: Owner Elaine - “I found CameronCavs on the KC website and knew they were the right breeders for me as they health check and screen the parents and also have all the puppies checked out , I was contacted by Norma about my interest in a puppy and was happy to find out I was considered for Abi’s litter, I was kept informed with weekly updates , pictures and videos of Ambers progress. Norma and Gerry were available for any query I had, I went to visit Amber for the 5 week visit and noted the great set up they had for the dogs and love and care, I have had amber for over 3 weeks now and from the time we brought her home she has been a joy to us she was house trained from the start and slept all night thanks to Norma and Gerry , Amber is a playful bundle of fur, thank you both again 🐶🐶"


Willow: Owner Lyndsay - “We first contacted CameronCavs last year after finding them via the KC website. From the first contact I was filled with confidence that I was dealing with, not only, a very experienced, professional breeder but a very caring one. We took Willow home 2weeks ago today and she has settled in beautifully. The care and training that had already been put in with her has made her transition very smooth. She is a very friendly, happy, playful and intelligent little pup. I would highly recommend CameronCavs. There is never a question too stupid to ask and the whole process was hassle free. Many thanks CameronCavs."


Angus: Owner Paula - “We picked up our puppy Angus, from Cameroncavs 2 weeks ago. We are first time puppy owners and can't thank Norma and Gerry enough for all the support and advice they have given us from our first message enquiring about getting a puppy, throughout the pups first 8 weeks and since being home. Angus has settled unbelievably well which is without a doubt all thanks to the work, socialisation and love that Norma and Gerry gave all the puppies. We were kept up to date and received pictures, videos and messages every week. Additionally they were always at the end of a phone if we had any questions.
We 100% recommend Cameroncavs and we are so grateful we found them."


Poppy: Owner Louise - “I found Cameroncavs on the Scottish Kennel Club website, as they health check and screen the parents I knew they were the right breeders for me. They have a great setup with the nursery and playpen and keeping you informed of your puppy's development. Norma would send weekly emails and updates on how the pups are doing which included weight charts, pictures and videos of the mum and pups. Norma and Gerry are happy to answer any questions you may have and put your mind at ease. At the 5 week visit you can see how much they care for there dogs and pups. I've had Poppy home now for nearly 2 weeks, she is a happy and confident puppy and it's all thanks to Cameroncavs"


Arlo: Owner Julie-Anne - “Highly recommend CameronCavs - Arlo has settled in with us like a dream thanks to their hard work and consistency 🐾🐶💙"


Molly: Owner Kenneth - “Cameroncavs are absolutely fantastic in their approach to breeding and we would recommend them 100%.
Our little Ruby cavaliar Molly has settled in fantastically due to the hard work and commitment Gerry and Norma (and family)put in.
She has slept throughout the night,only getting up twice for the toilet and has only missed her mats once and even then her paw was on it.
Congratulations cameroncavs on a job well done ♥️."


Skye: Owner Scott - “When we were looking for a breeder we checked The Kennel Club website and found CameronCavs. What a godsend that turned out to be. Norma and Gerry are so commited to raising happy and healthy puppies. The care and time they spend on each and every puppy is exceptional and we would wholeheartedly recommend CameronCavs. Norma and Gerry are so approachable and friendly and always there to ask questions or seek advice. Definitely 5 stars."


Daisy: Owner Wendy - “Cameroncavs are exceptional breeders. We could not recommend them highly enough.  We have recently brought home our beautiful cavapoo, Daisy. She has had such a wonderful start in life from Norma & Gerry at Cameroncavs. Daisy is such a confident, obedient and happy little dog. From her birth Norma & Gerry kept us abreast of Daisy’s progress with weekly updates of her weight and adventures as well as gorgeous videos and photos. 
The 5 week visit was magical and further reassured us, given the physical setup & the beautiful dogs, that Norma & Gerry are the best possible breeders. Daisy’s mum was so alert and healthy. We couldn’t wait to get Daisy home. 
Due to holidays we couldn’t pick up Daisy at the appointed date but Norma and Gerry were so accommodating and let Daisy stay an extra week. 
Daisy has now been home for 3 weeks. She is a joy. Everyone who meets her loves Daisy instantly. Daisy is great with people even toddlers and with other dogs too. 
We can’t thank all at Cameroncavs enough for giving us such a wonderful cavapoo pup. 
We recommend Cameroncavs to everyone looking for a cavalier or cavapoo pup. They are first class breeders


Charlie: Owner Cathy - “Just thought I would say thank you so much for my lovely (cheeky wee monkey) Charlie, my Cavalier King Charles.  You made it so easy to choose to get a puppy from you, even though this was my first, due to the following:


  • Great house and set up for the pups.

  • You run a tight ship, with everything running well (hard work).

  • All paperwork up to date and pups being socialised, microchipped, getting used to sounds around the house.

  • All appropriate vet checks and worming carried out at the correct times.


The after care from you is very valuable also as you have been on hand for all types of questions regarding Charlie and giving me sound advice. When I meet people I always sing your praises as I know you care deeply about all the dogs you rear.


Thank you again for all your hard work, which makes mine easier.  I have booked puppy training classes with Dogs Trust at Hamilton Road as I think it would benefit both Charlie and myself.


Alfie: Owners 'the Green Family' - “We were looking for a dog and had concerns about finding the correct breeder and at all costs avoiding any puppy farms. We accessed the kennel club website and found Gerry and Norma Cameron.  

Although we had originally wanted a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, whilst on the waiting list for one, we were offered the option of a Cavapoo puppy, a breed which we had no knowledge of, but which had a shorter waiting time, which suited us better.

We chose our puppy shortly after birth from photos forwarded to us from Norma. We were then sent weekly updates of his progress along with photographs of him (accessed from the website by an individual password) and in addition group photographs of our puppy along with his mum and her other puppies. As a result of these communications we were able to experience his development from birth until the time we were due to pick him up, which was after he was 8 weeks old. 

At 5 weeks old, we went to visit Norma and Gerry in their home and saw our puppy along with his mum and brothers and sisters in their purpose built “nursery”, happily playing, developing and socialising.

Our puppy, Alfie, who was almost entirely house trained by the time we got him at just over 8 weeks old has a fabulous nature and we could now not contemplate being without him.The environment our puppy was brought up in by Gerry and Norma, was everything that it should be in order to produce a happy and healthy puppy and the support and advice from Gerry and Norma throughout the process has been invaluable. 

I would happily recommend Gerry and Norma for any of the puppies they produce, be they Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or Cavapoos.

The Green Family”


Louis: Owners Jonathan & Jennifer - We cannot thank Norma and Gerry enough for all their help and advice and for making everything so simple. 

We loved our weekly updates of Louis and getting to share in his progress as he grew.

Louis puppy training has been so simple and credit must go to cameroncavs for all their effort into making sure the puppies have the best start in life.

Thank you both so much for our gorgeous Louis - he is such a playful and good natured puppy and has already brought us so much joy!


Rosie: Owner Katie - Rosie has been home for a week now, she is very confident and has settled in so well without a fuss ☺️ Cameroncavs provided us with weekly updates, photos and videos of our little pup, being able to visit her when she was 5 weeks old was great as it allowed us to start a bond with her early on. Norma & Gerry put a lot of love and hard work in to raising their pups, providing us with lots of information and advice. Me and my family thought it was fantastic that DNA checks were carried out as as both of our cavaliers before Rosie have been affect with heart problems & we were very please when we found out about all the heath checks Cameroncavs’s do. Extremely happy with the service they have provided and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pup💖


Luna: Owners 'Kerry & Orla - Just home with our new pup Luna 🐶 who has clearly had a perfect start in life. Gorgeous!! Would highly recommend CameronCavs. Informative weekly updates and lots of photos and videos let you enjoy your pups progress. All questions answered quickly (and we asked a few!!) It’s clear from the start that Gerry & Norma at CameronCavs have a first class set up, beautiful, healthy dogs and the pups best interests at heart. Thank you 🐶


Mabel: Owners 'The Patersons' - Can’t recommend CameronCavs enough! Absolutely in love with my wee Mabel! She is just gorgeous and a healthy Cavapoo. The weekly updates, with plenty of photographs, meant we were involved from the minute she was born and were able to see her progress. Met her beautiful mum aswell, when Mabel was 5weeks old. Thank you very much, again!


Eddie: Owners Lisa & Nick - Norma and Gerry thank you so much for our bundle of joy. Eddie has settled in great and your pre-training has made it all the easier. He is such an obedient dog. Start to finish CameronCavs have been amazing, supportive and helpful. We are so pleased we joined the waiting list, thank you for all the love and hard work you put into the dogs.


Lottie: Owner Karen - Cannot recommend CameronCavs highly enough. From keeping you informed of your pups progress weekly to answering any questions or worries you may have. These breeders love and care for each and every pup so they have the best start until they are handed over to their forever homes. Thank you so much for our little Lottie she has settled in perfectly.


Hudson: Owner Charlie - A 5 star experience from our puppy’s birth. With weekly photos, updates and advice we felt like we were there every step of the way. We’ve had King Charles Spaniels for 22 years, and monty is an absolute cracker. Incredible breeders and people, very thankful for CameronCavs. 🐾


Sebastian: Owner Sally & Paddy - My husband and I can’t thank CameronCavs enough for our puppy Seb. He is a happy puppy with loads of character. Norma is very helpful and is always giving us great advice. I can’t recommend them enough as they give the puppies a great start to their lives. Thank you so much Norma.


Hudson: Owner Nicola - We are over the moon with our little boy Hudson🐶. He is our first puppy so naturally we were slightly nervous. We can’t believe how well Hudson has settled into our family and couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Norma and Gerry have been a great support, always available to answer any question or provide us with good advice. We are so grateful to them for giving Hudson the best possible start in life. We highly recommend CameronCavs


Diesel: Owner Verena - We picked up our puppy, Diesel, about a month ago and the Camerons were so helpful every step of the way! They sent us weekly updates and photos and have been available for any questions we had both before and after picking him up :)


Darcey: Owner Amy - Darcey has only been with us a few weeks, but she has already settled in brilliantly! Quiet and content through the night by day one, and virtually toilet trained by day two. She is contented, happy, and completely adorable. This is all thanks to the amazing start she had in life, with Norma and Gerry. They put so much love and care into their puppies, giving them everything they need to grow into confident and happy dogs. They gave us weekly updates from the day Darcey was born, allowing a bond to develop right from the start of her life, and have given us ongoing advice and support, which has been invaluable as a first time puppy family. I can’t recommend them highly enough..
Thank you Cameroncavs!!



Harri: Owner Miranda - It’s been a fantastic week, Harri is a delight - calm and confident, and simply lovely to everyone she meets. I couldn’t have imagined so much personality and love in such a little fluffy bundle. 

You gave her such a great start. Thank you so much, I would strongly recommend you.


Teddy: Owners James & Katie - Our puppy Teddy has settled into our lives so easily and this is thanks to Norma & Gerry's great work.  Teddy took to his crate immediately, saving us a lot of hard work!  House training has been very quick and easy as well.  They gave the puppies the best start in life and it is clear to see how much they care for them and how well they are treated.  I would definitely recommend them!


Monty: Owners Jude & Tom - Monty is our first puppy and getting him from Gerry & Norma was a pleasure.  They provided weekly updates as well as being on hand to give tips and advice.

Charlie: Owners David & Lee - As first time dog buyers we were really nervous but the minute we met Gerry & Norma we were totally at ease. You can tell how much they love their dogs and how much they genuinely care about giving the pups the best start. We were kept up to date on a weekly basis how our pup was doing with photos and videos. When we picked him up we were given a great pack to keep us right and told to contact them if there was anything we needed to ask. Charlie is a total delight. He is calm, in a great routine, just amazing. I cannot thank or recommend them enough.

Holly & Belle: Owners David & Sheelagh - The girls are settling in so well and are wee joys in our lives.  We actually can't believe how good they are for such little pups.  They have only had a couple of accidents but on the whole are managing to wait until we get them outside.