Angus DNA Results

June 3, 2020


🐶 You all know how important we feel health testing is here at CameronCavs and that we go over and above the Kennel Club recommended / advised testing 🐶


In preparation for Angus becoming our Cavalier stud he has had an additional 5 DNA tests completed and all came back CLEAR!


The Kennel Club asks that as an Assured Breeder we have Cavaliers DNA tested for Curly Coat (CC), Dry Eye (DE) and Episodic Falling (EF) and Angus is hereditarily clear for all 3.


In addition to those 3 clear tests he has now also been cleared for the following 5:

MD - Muscular Dystrophy
MH - Malignant Hyperthermia
HUU/SLC - Hyperuricosuria / Urate Stones
MTC-D - Macrothrombocytopenia 
CDPA - Chondrodysplasia


We will still perform Cardiology Breed testing for MVD as well as BVA Optometrist eye testing once the relevant authorities swing into action following lockdown here in Scotland - we have however received an email from the Kennel Club saying that litters sired by Laird Angus while in lockdown and pre heart & eye testing availability will still be approved to be registered as Assured Breeder litters - we believe this recognises the amount of work we put in to ensure the health of all our dogs!



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