Unforeseen Circumstances 

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may have changed your mind about having a puppy, at CameronCavs we would rather know that your circumstances have changed, and you cannot manage a puppy anymore rather than have a puppy going to a home that would result in the puppy being re-homed.

  • After reserving a pup and up to the day before the 5 week visit the 10% deposit is refundable.

  • After the contract signing and pre puppy collection CameronCavs will retain the reservation fee of 10% to cover administration.

  • Should CameronCavs decide to withdraw a pup if health issues are identified by our vet that will affect the puppies ability to be a family pet then with your agreement the full amount paid will be refunded by bank transfer. Thankfully this is not something we have experienced to date due to our health testing requirements but it is something that you should be aware of.

  • Pet Health Check (within 5 days) - ​If your vet identifies a concern that will affect the puppy's ability to be a family pet that neither we nor our vet has identified then we will offer a full refund (including deposit) on the return of the puppy and the provision of a full written medical report from your vet stating that the issue is a pre-existing issue that the puppy had prior to collection. The puppy must also come back with all the original paperwork they left with and microchip ownership should be transferred by you back to CameronCavs.  Additional expenses including vets fees, fuel, mileage etc. will not be covered by CameronCavs, as noted previously we have never had a puppy fail a health check but you should be aware of the options open for you as a new owner. 

  • All refunds will be transferred by bank transfer only.


Aug 2021 to remove Covid restrictions.