Puppy 0-8 Weeks

Puppy age 0 to 2 weeks - Puppy is obviously still with mum at this age and will be gaining weight rapidly.  Ears & eyes will start to open towards the end of the 2nd week but hearing and sight will be poor at first. Your puppy will have its 1st worming treatment at 2 weeks and may need its nails clipped to protect mum. What can you do to prepare - we would encourage any new owner to read more about the breed that they have chosen. 

Puppy age 3 to 4 weeks - Puppy is still taking milk from mum and will start to eat semi-solid food and drink small amounts of water. They will play, wag tails, try and bark and notice noise more. Milk teeth will start to come through. 2nd worming treatment at 4 weeks will be given.  What can you do to prepare - You will be getting regular updates from CameronCavs to share with family & friends so that they are all engaged in the development and eventual arrival of your puppy to your home.  


Puppy age 5 to 6 weeks - Puppy is still with mum but won't be relying on mum as the sole source of food as the puppy will be well on the way to being weaned. If the puppy has siblings lots of play fighting will be happening in the whelping pen. Your puppy will be more aware of its surroundings and will be unwilling to soil the sleeping area so this is a perfect time for puppy pad training.  What can you do to prepare - You will have your 5 week visit to see your puppy and you should start to investigate vets local to you to decide who is going to be the vet provider. At CameronCavs we use Vets4Pets which is a national franchise.


Puppy age 7 to 8 weeks - Puppy will soon be ready to leave mum for your home, at 8 weeks the puppy will receive its initial inoculations, its microchip and its first vet check to confirm that your puppy is healthy enough to leave its mum. Puppy will also be fully weaned by this stage. What can you do to prepare - your puppy will need equipment for its collection & travel and for its safe stay in your home. CameronCavs will provide a list of nutritional needs for your puppy and this will also need to be purchased.

(updated Mar 2020)